Nicholas Mackin

Style | Genre:  Electronic, Trance, Techno
Origin:  Sörberge, Sweden

– Publications in this Netlabel:    A Journey (SLC41)

Su música es melódica y su sonido viaja por el trance utilizando ritmos casi acústicos apoyados en el techno más sutil. Un delicioso paseo electrónico.
Como él dice: «No hay problemas, sólo oportunidades!» Buena oportunidad de escuchar tu música. Gracias!

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2 comentarios sobre “Nicholas Mackin

  1. I wish you can understand my words in English.
    If you get a trouble, I hope you use a translator due to I also found the best way for this letter, means I’m not a native Eng speaker either.

    Hello, I’m not really sure if this is right way for the first connection with you.
    I’m a web and digital designer belong to a small company.
    This time, I plan to suggest a short motion graphic piece to my company.
    Finally, I found your music is appropriate for the MG.
    In this case, do you allow I borrow your music on it? I will also put your name on the piece.
    Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
    Please contact to below e-mail address.

    Thank you.

    Grace Park
    from Korea

    P.S. Do you put any of your special philosophy into your music?
    I’ve gotten some special feeling from your album jacket design.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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