Author:      Chuzausen
Title:           Attempt Of Communication
Genre:        Electronic, Ambient
Format:      Digital Media
Date:           December 2017
License:      CC: BY-NC-SA
Cover Art:   Jorge Revuelta

1. RooF    wav  flac
2. 2:00 AMbient    wav  flac
3. Brain Holydays    wav  flac
4. Lazy Mornings    wav  flac
5. Krill    wav  flac
6. Remind    wav  flac
7. Low Gravity Walk    wav  flac
8. Temple +1    wav  flac

Download All:
Download ZIP wav Download ZIP mp3

– Scope: – Episode 416


3 comentarios sobre “SLC31

  1. Hi there,
    I really like the track «Lazy Mornings» and would like to purchase it. I’m an editor and would like to use it as an intro for a soon to be started podcast on
    Could you please give me details: how much is a commercial licence for this track?
    Many thanks and best wishes

    Me gusta

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